SUVs promise that sense of adventure to which everyone's invited. They're powerful, spacious, comfortable, and include all the creature comforts you might expect from high-end vehicles. There's only one snag: they're on the pricey end of the spectrum. That's where used cars come in. A used SUV from a reputable dealership can offer you everything you'd expect from an SUV and more. It just helps to know what to look for.

Volvo Cars Mission Viejo is the best place to shop for a used car in Mission Viejo. If you're ready to make your next vehicle purchase, here's what you need to know about buying a used SUV to decide if it's right for you:

Benefits of Buying a Used SUV

Functional Balance

When choosing between the efficiency of a sedan or coupe against the working capability of a truck, an SUV might provide you with that perfect balance you're looking for. With fuel economy numbers that often exceed that of similar trucks, and storage capacity and towing capabilities that extend beyond the capabilities of most cars, an SUV is capable of helping you commute to work all week and then load up for a weekend of play.

Lower Prices

It's not just the actual buying cost you're saving on. Because the value of the car is lower, you also save on insurance costs. You don't need to worry about all the add-ons usually added to a base model, which can save you a couple of thousand dollars. That's not to say you can't add anything to a used car, but if you find a model with all the bells, it's already included in the sale price.

It's also important to know that the interest is calculated on the overall finance amount, which means if your finance amount is low, the interest you pay over the repayment period will also be less.

You also don't have to worry about all those initial contracting fees usually added to new car purchases, such as shipping costs. However, there may still be some contracting and admin fees.

Improved Longevity

One reason there's never been a better time to shop for a used vehicle is the improved performance and longevity of modern SUVs. Mileage limits which were once reserved for only the most well-maintained vehicles are now common, with a cared-for SUV capable of hitting mileage capacities that would have seemed unthinkable in the not-too-distant past. This means your used vehicle provides more value because it lasts longer, turning a great deal into an incredible one.

Increased Resale Value

While longevity is great, you may want to trade in your vehicle sooner rather than later. Even if you end up trading in your vehicle for another purchase in the future, you can still save by buying used. Used vehicles depreciate at a slower rate than one that is brand new. Buying a used SUV may allow you to maintain a higher percentage of its value when the time comes to sell. This helps to put more money in your pocket or apply more money to your next purchase.

Certified Pre-Owned Certainty

When you want the certainty that comes with a new vehicle for the great prices of a used SUV, you can buy a certified pre-owned SUV. In order to earn certified pre-owned status, a vehicle must pass a detailed inspection from our staff to ensure that it is working as intended, and all concerns are known and accounted for. Between the peace of mind of this extra assessment and the protection provided by a certified pre-owned warranty, a certified pre-owned SUV keeps you secure while helping you save.

Reduced Depreciation

Cars can lose between 15% to 30% of their value per year. However, a big chunk of that value gets lost the minute you drive it off the showroom floor. Around 9% to 11% of the value of a new car is lost within the first few minutes of owning the car. If you had to round that off to 10% on a $40,000 car, that means a $4,000 drop in the first few minutes. A used SUV has already gone through this massive depreciation, and while the car depreciates even further every year, the drops aren't as severe.

You Don't Have to Scrimp on Technology

New models are often filled with cutting-edge, never-before-seen technology, but it takes a few years for new tech to be developed. If you buy a two- or three-year-old SUV, there's a good chance you still get to enjoy the latest technology until the next batch comes out.

What to Think About When Shopping for a Used SUV

When shopping for a used SUV in Mission Viejo, it's helpful to know what you're looking for. Keep these core elements in mind as you weigh your options:

  • Your Budget: One of the most important parts of any vehicle search is finding something that fits your budget. At Volvo Cars Mission Viejo, we want each sale to be a positive experience and that means helping you buy responsibly. Knowing the budget that you can comfortably afford allows you to find a vehicle you love at a price that meets your financial capabilities.
  • Your Priorities: When shopping for an SUV at Volvo Cars Mission Viejo, there are many options to choose from to the extent that you may feel spoiled for choice. Understanding your priorities can be useful when choosing between two or more options. Knowing the things you need and the things you'd like to have can help you distinguish between two similar options to find your ideal SUV.
  • Your Usage: The way you intend to use your vehicle can have a significant impact on the best-suited choice for you. If you are looking for a commuter vehicle, for example, a strong fuel economy may be beneficial while the driver interested in camping excursions may opt for increased size or towing.
  • Current Mileage: Although modern used vehicles can last for longer than their older counterparts, the mileage on a vehicle is still important. Comparing the mileage on the odometer of a potential purchase with the expected lifespan of a vehicle in that make and model can help you determine how much usage your potential SUV is likely to provide for you.
  • Vehicle History: Learning about the history and maintenance is important when choosing a used SUV. A well-maintained vehicle with high mileage may last longer than a vehicle with a lower reading but a poor maintenance history. Check for the consistency of routine care, as well as any major repairs which might indicate potential trouble spots.

Volvo SUVs to Consider

Volvo is changing the way we drive SUVs and is doing its part in terms of sustainability. It offers the standard fuel options but has also added hybrid and fully electric options to the range.

Volvo XC40

The XC40 is the five-seater base model in the Volvo SUV range. It offers different equipment levels, such as a Google connection and Harman Kardon sound. Volvo is known for its safety features, and this model includes lane assist, collision avoidance, and 360-degree parking assistance.

Volvo XC60

There's nothing mid-range about the XC60, as it oozes sophistication while offering one of the most comfortable SUV rides. While it's still a five-seater, it has a slightly bigger interior than the XC40. The hybrid model features lower fuel consumption without compromising performance.

Volvo XC90

This seven-seater super luxe model is a hit with the discerning SUV owner, thanks to the attention to detail, such as the Napa leather front seats featuring massage points and ventilation. Entertainment is taken care of with the Bowers & Wilkins high-fidelity sound system.

Volvo Cars Mission Viejo is the Place to Go for Used SUVs in Mission Viejo

If you're ready to buy a used SUV in or around Mission Viejo, come to Volvo Cars Mission Viejo. Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose us for your next shopping experience:

  • Quality Selection at Affordable Prices: With so many high-quality vehicles on the lot, you're sure to find something you love, and our convenient dealership financing means you can meet with our financing professionals to get pre-approved before you shop.
  • Trained and Friendly Staff: If you're worried that too many choices may make it difficult to find your best option, have no fear. The staff at Volvo Cars Mission Viejo will guide you, using your budget and priorities to find the best potential matches so you can try them for yourself.
  • Buying and Selling Made Easy: We offer the best and easiest trade process around so you can save big by trading-in your vehicle with Volvo Cars Mission Viejo.

If you have any questions, please contact us online or come meet us in person so we can help you today!