"Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain, safety."
- Gustaf Larson, Volvo Co-Founder

From the very birth of the company, Volvo has been a name synonymous with safety. From revolutionary safety innovations to ambitious goals, Volvo has and will always strive to be the industry leader in safety. That is why we are proud to celebrate our reputation with the Summer Of Safety Sales Event!

Check out some of our hottest deals of the year before they're gone and read on for a bit of history as to what makes Volvo Cars so safe.


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Volvo: A History Of Safety

The Forefront of Safety Innovation
A Volvo safety engineer, Nils Bohlin, is responsible for the safety innovation that has saved more lives than ANY other - the modern day 3 point seat belt. It was so effective that Volvo released the patent for free to save lives.

Volvo was also the first to do testing for rear-facing child car seats - protecting those that need it the most.

Revolutionary new Volvo seat designs reduced whiplash by 50% and airbag innovations reduced head injuries by 70%.

Prioritizing the Safety of Everyone
In the EVA (Equal Vehicles for All) initiative, Volvo has released 40 YEARS worth of crash data and research for free in hopes that all manufacturers can become more safe for all drivers.

Being the first manufacturer to use female test dummies, Volvo has been able to significantly reduce whiplash and chest injuries. Additionally, Volvo has put greater emphasis on passenger safety and greatly reduced head injuries.

Releasing this information for free will save the lives of women and passengers all over the world.

Emphasis on Accident Prevention
Packed full of safety features, every new Volvo model is fully equipped to take on the roads with confidence. With many cameras and sensors, Volvo cars are able to automatically detect cars, animals, and pedestrians in the road, and automatically brake if a collision is detected. These sensors also warn you of objects in your blind spot.

Volvo cars are also able to adjust your steering if unintended movement out of your lane is detected.

With Volvo, you're never driving alone.


Ambitious Long-Term Goals
For the past decade, Volvo has been working towards a goal they call Vision 2020 in which by the year 2020, no one will be killed or seriously injured while driving a new Volvo.

While Vision 2020 is a massive goal, Volvo has been hard at work researching, innovating, and improving on safety innovations such as their collision avoidance technology and automated driving.

Being more ambitious than any other manufacturer when it comes to safety features has led to Volvo being far ahead of the pack.


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