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A way to keep your Volvo running for a long, long time is to make sure that your exhaust system is working correctly. Your Volvo muffler plays an important role in your exhaust system by keeping your vehicle legal and safe to drive. It is designed to release exhaust gases to help your engine absorb fresh oxygen for improved performance, while also keeping it quiet while traveling on the road. To make sure your muffler is doing it's job properly, our Volvo service center is full of highly trained exhaust system experts to help keep your vehicle quiet while in motion.

What Does A Muffler Do?

Mufflers are placed in the back of your vehicle, inline with your exhaust pipes, usually right before the exhaust tips. They are made up of dimpled tubes which are designed to minimize your engine's sound output. The muffler also directs the exhaust fumes out of the vehicle so that the toxic fumes do not stay inside the car.

Why Is A Muffler Important? A muffler is installed into every vehicle that is on the road. It is important because it minimizes your engine's naturally loud sound. It is engineered to tune the chambers, which produces a softer, less noisy sound effect. As noise enters the muffler, the sound waves rebound against the baffles, creating adverse sound waves that cancel each other out. Your muffler also improves performance by helping the engine release exhaust gases, so that it can take in more oxygen for more power.

When is it Time for a New Muffler? An apparent sign of a failing muffler, is the noise. When your muffler is failing, your vehicle will suddenly sound a lot louder than it did before. Be aware of any unusual noises, such as rattling which could be the sound of a muffler that's become loose or broken. Another sign of a bad muffler is lower MPG. If you realize you are visiting the gas station more than you usually are, then that could be a sign of a muffler problem. Lastly, an alarmingly dangerous sign is when a foul odor is coming from your vehicle. When your muffler has a leak, the fumes that get released outside the vehicle, end up getting stuck inside. Overtime, this situation can be fatal and needs to be addressed immediately!

Our service center recommends that you get your vehicle's muffler and/or exhaust system checked every 24,000 miles or 24 months, whichever comes first. However, check your owner's manual for more specific information regarding your Volvo model.

Why Visit our Volvo Service Center?

Volvo Cars Mission Viejo is considered one of the top dealerships in the area, and that is due to our family owned and operated facility that has been around for years! Our incredible team of customer service members, certified service consultants and Volvo certified mechanics help to determine what your vehicle needs within a proper timeline. Our service department will do whatever it takes to ensure that all our customers wants and needs are met in a timely fashion and is open Monday-Saturday for your convenience. So, not matter what day it is, stop by our service center to get your Volvo refreshed for your next journey. To show our appreciation to the honorable service men and women that serve our country, we provide military discounts to honor the service they have provided and continue to provide to our country.

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If your Volvo model is in need of a new muffler, you can schedule an appointment at our service center in Mission Viejo, or contact us by calling (949) 558-3990.

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