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Interested in a vehicle that isn't currently in stock? We offer a convenient, online ordering process to help you get what you want! Choose from the models listed below and then one of our team members will reach out to verify the details, explore potential incoming stock and then process your order with Volvo.




Pure Electric


It's never been easier to shop for your next Volvo. With a convenient online ordering process, you can pick the model and trim level and customize the features you want. Whether you're interested in a car like the S90, an SUV like the XC60, or an electric model like the C40 Pure Electric Charge, you'll be able to choose the details that matter most. Selectable options range from paint colors to equipment packages.

Custom Order a New Luxury Volvo at Our Mission Viejo Dealership

Finding the luxury car, wagon, or SUV that fits your lifestyle and needs around the Mission Viejo area can be difficult. The best way to choose your dream car and its features is to customize it yourself. At Volvo Cars Mission Viejo, we can bring your dreams to life and are proud to offer our customers a convenient custom order process. There are many popular models available to choose from, including the following:

      Volvo XC90.

      Volvo XC60.

      Volvo XC40.

      Volvo S90.

      Volvo S60.

      Volvo V90.

      Volvo V60.

      Volvo XC40 Pure Electric.

      Volvo C40 Pure Electric.

      Volvo XC90 Hybrid.

      Volvo XC60 Hybrid.

      Volvo S90 Hybrid.

      Volvo S60 Hybrid.

How the Custom Order Process Works

If you're considering ordering a custom Volvo straight from the factory, you may wonder how the process works. The entire ordering process takes place online, from choosing your vehicle to financing. While our dealership may not be visible throughout the process, we're here to help you with anything you may need and guide you along the way. We'll handle the paperwork for you to make everything as easy as possible so we can oversee your vehicle's delivery. Below, we'll give a more in-depth explanation of the process.

Steps for Ordering a Vehicle Online

      Design your perfect Volvo on the manufacturer's website. You'll be able to choose packages, finishes, colors, and other features. If you have questions throughout this process, call us at 949-359-5000.

      Print out your build sheet and bring it with you to our dealership. We'll work out financing, pricing, special offers, warranties, and more.

      Get approved for financing or lease offers.

      Pay your deposit to reserve your vehicle.

      Sign your paperwork. We'll provide you with copies of everything.

      Bring in your trade for a quote at your own convenience.

Once your vehicle is completed, it can be delivered to your home or our dealership.

Why Order From Volvo?

Most people dream of having a car customized for them when they start driving. Custom ordering from Volvo can make that dream a reality. If you have a dream car in mind, something available at the dealership that matches everything you want might not be available. If you don't wish to compromise on those speakers or colors you want, a custom order may be the perfect choice for you.

This process allows you to have more control over your new car. While every feature isn't customizable, many of them are. You can get features that might not necessarily be popular where you live, such as all-wheel drive to tackle inclement roads or advanced safety features for safe and comfortable travel.

Owning a vehicle made specifically for you can be somewhat of a thrill and lead to a more pleasant experience overall. While ordering a car may take longer than driving off the lot the same day you shop, you're more likely to be satisfied with your purchase for longer. We know that this isn't an option for all drivers and will continue to carry a great selection of in-stock new and pre-owned vehicles at our dealership.

FAQs About Custom Ordering

When ordering your custom Volvo, we understand that you may have some questions. The following are some commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers that may help:

(h3) Can I Order a Volvo That's Not Shown on This Page?

Our currently available models shown above are what may be ordered at this time. As Volvo adds additional luxury models to its lineup, the online ordering method may be available.

(h3) How Long Will It Take To Build My Custom Volvo?

Customers placing online orders for their custom vehicles can expect them to be built within five to eight weeks. This depends on the model configuration and add-ons. We'll keep you updated throughout the process so you'll know your vehicle's status and can arrange for pickup.

Where Will My Custom Volvo Be Delivered?

Your new Volvo will be delivered to our dealership or your home in the Mission Viejo area.

Does It Cost More To Custom Order?

No. Ordering a custom Volvo online will not cost any more than purchasing one of our in-stock luxury vehicles. There are no hidden charges or fees for ordering a new Volvo at our Mission Viejo dealership.

Does My Custom Order Qualify for Incentives?

Absolutely. All eligible Volvo specials and incentives from Volvo Cars Mission Viejo will be applied to your luxurious custom-ordered car, wagon, or SUV. Our team can help you figure out which offers will help you save the most money.

Can I Finance or Lease My Custom-Ordered Volvo?

Of course. The finance department at our dealership will be glad to help you figure out which option works better for your lifestyle. You may want to return your Volvo after a few years and order a brand new one, or you may love it so much that you'll want to own it when your lease expires. The choice is up to you, and we'll gladly help with whatever you decide.

Order Your Volvo at Volvo Cars Mission Viejo Today

If you're ready to purchase your next Volvo, reach out to the Volvo Cars Mission Viejo team today. You can visit our online ordering page and start the process in the comfort of your own home. If you prefer help from a team member, someone will be glad to assist you throughout the process and answer any of your custom order questions. You can reach us by phone at 949-359-5000 or in person at our dealership at 28730 Marguerite Parkway in Mission Viejo, California.