Where the rubber meets the road is one of the keys to vehicle performance. Tires play an important role in everything from handling to fuel economy, which is why you should make sure that you are taking good care of them. You should make sure that you visit our Mission Viejo Volvo service center when you need a tire rotation or a new set of tires. You can be sure that our expert technicians can provide timely, dependable tire service on your Volvo.

Reasons to Get Your Tires Rotated

Tires wear down over time due to the friction that's created as you drive. How and where you drive can lead to uneven wear, which is why it's recommended to get tires rotated at least every 10,000 miles. Here are some reasons why:

Traction: If your tires are wearing down more in certain areas, then there's a good chance a certain tire will wear out sooner than the others. This can lead to poor traction, which can be especially dangerous when road conditions are poor.

Valid Warranty: Many tire manufacturers provide a warranty that covers your tires. However, that warranty is voided if the tires aren't rotated regularly, so you should make sure you do this regularly to maintain your tire warranty.

Fuel Economy: If you let your tires wear down unevenly, that can affect the balance of your vehicle. When your vehicle is out of alignment, then certain parts have to work harder, including your engine, which will lower your fuel economy and cost you extra money at the pumps.

Why Visit Our Volvo Service Center

Many people come into our service center every day, but we still take the time to give each customer the care and attention that they deserve. We're a family-owned dealership and we know the importance of treating people right, and that's true when it comes to vehicle service and maintenance. You can be sure that your vehicle is being taken care of by certified Volvo technicians and service consultants who have experience taking care of vehicles like yours and making sure they operate at their best. We provide military discounts to honor the men and women who bravely serve our great country. We know you're busy, which is why we keep our state-of-the-art service center open seven days a week. We are right here in the heart of Mission Viejo, so schedule an appointment with us today!

Service Review

"The BEST Volvo dealership & Services in California. Awesome employees and they look happy doing their job. They reminded me the way Volvo used to be. Yes I have driven Volvo for 16 years and bought 3 of them. And yes I highly recommend Volvo Mission Viejo. You ought to check them out even if you're not car hunting. Stop by and say hello to this new awesome Volvo location. No pressure of car dealership there." - Yelp user

Contact Volvo Cars Mission Viejo today if you would like to schedule tire service or buy new tires. Get started by giving us a call at (949) 558-3990.

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