The oil that runs through your engine is vital to the overall performance of your vehicle. Routine oil changes allow your vehicle to perform at an optimal level for a long time. Ignoring this important service at our Mission Viejo Volvo service center can lead to major car trouble down the road. There's always one question that customers ask when it comes to engine oil:

How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

There are some important factors that go into determining how often you should bring your car in:

Distance: This is the most common determining factor when it comes to oil changes. It is recommended that you never drive more than 5,000 miles without changing your oil, as it will begin to break down and begin to do damage to your engine.

Time: For motorists who don't drive that much in any stretch of time, it may take a long time to get to 5,000 miles. Oil can also lose its effectiveness over an extended period of time so it's a good idea to change it at least every six months-no matter how much mileage you've put on.

Driving Conditions: The conditions that you drive in can also determine how often you need to get your oil changed. Constant stop-and-go driving can put a strain on your engine and the oil that makes it work. So can hauling heavy loads in a Volvo SUV, which is why you should get it changed at a lower mileage like every 3,000 miles.

Why Visit Our Volvo Service Center

We care about the customers that come to our service center. Maybe it's because we're a family-owned dealership, but we take maintenance and repairs seriously. That's why we have a staff of certified Volvo technicians and service consultants who have an intimate understanding of these vehicles and how to keep them running in peak condition. We offer military discounts to give something back to the men and women who bravely serve our great country. Our state-of-the-art service center is open seven days a week and conveniently located right here in Mission Viejo. Stop by and see us today!

Service Reviews

"I brought in my '05 V70 for some programming, an oil change, and a transmission service. Dan, the service manager, kept me updated every step of the way. Couldn't ask for better customer service. I can't complain about the courtesy car either! (2015 S60)."- Yelp user

Contact Volvo Cars Mission Viejo today if you need an oil change right here in town. Get started by giving us a call at (949) 558-3990.

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