Is Volvo the safest vehicle?

If Volvo is known for one thing, it is most definitely safety. Time and time again the Swedish car manufacturer has been at the top of the list in review publications ranking different vehicles for safety, and we are extremely proud of that because safety is our number one priority as a dealership. And while it is true that Volvo cars are some of the safest on the market, it is important for you as an informed car buyer to know exactly what it is that makes Volvo stand out in safety.

Why are Volvos considered so safe?
1) They have consistently proven themselves in safety testing
2) For decades, and to this day, Volvo leads the pack in developing innovative safety features
3) Volvo is highly focused on accident prevention through features and handling
4) Not only does Volvo care about their customers, but every human on the road through sharing research with other manufacturers and giving up patents
5) Volvo has highly ambitious long term safety plans that keep them constantly moving forward - never complacent

These 5 points are the main reasons why Volvo has been and remains one of the safest car manufacturers in the market. Now Volvo Mission Viejo will break down each of these reasons in detail to see exactly what Volvo is doing for their customers.

1) Consistency

  • Time and time again Volvo has received top marks from the IIHS, NHTSA, and the European NCAP for safety testing and evaluation
  • In 2021, the XC40 was awarded as a Top Safety Pick in the Small SUV category. The XC60 was awarded a Top Safety Pick in the Midsize Luxury SUVs class.
  • In the 70s, the US government used the Volvo 240 as the benchmark of safety standards for all new cars made

2) Innovation

  • A Volvo Safety Engineer, Nils Bohlin, designed the modern day three-point seat belt in 1959 - estimated to be the safety innovation that has saved more lives than any other. It was SO effective that Volvo released the patent so their competition could implement it to save further countless lives
  • Volvo tested the first rear-facing child car seat in 1964 - protecting the people who mean most to us
  • First to successfully revolutionize side impact protection with reinforced seats, structural improvements, and side-impact airbags

3) Emphasis on Accident Prevention

  • Since 2003, Volvo vehicles have come equipped with blind spot protection - using cameras and giving warning when a car enters the side or rear blindspot
  • Since 2008, Volvos have been able to detect other cars, pedestrians, and animals in the road and automatically break if an imminent collision is detected
  • To help assist with lack of attention, poor road conditions, and tiredness, lane keeping pilot assist will monitor the road and cars ahead to make adjustments if an accidental move is detected

4) Prioritizing the Safety of EVERYONE

Along with dropping safety patents so other manufacturers could benefit for free, Volvo has released over 40 YEARS worth of car crash research including over 40,000 accidents and 70,000 people. This is in the hopes that ALL manufacturers can become more safe for everyone and includes information such as:

  • The differences between male and female anatomy in crashes - Volvo was the first manufacturer to use female crash dummies
  • Certain innovations made based on these female studies to seats and airbags that have reduced whiplash and chest injuries both by 50%
  • Innovations in side and head protection, for front and rear passengers, that have reduced head injuries by 70%

5) Ambitious Long-Term Goals

For the past decade, Volvo has been very public about plans they call "Vision 2020" where no one will be killed or seriously injured while driving a new Volvo. Much of this will be thanks to autonomous driving as well as AI such as accident prevention as well as lane keep assist.

While this is a massive goal, it has kept Volvo constantly researching, innovating, and improving in order to meet it. Being more ambitious than any other manufacturer when it comes to safety has led Volvo to being far ahead of the game.

While these 5 reasons are a great start to explaining Volvo's reputation and obsession with safety, it only begins to scratch the surface of the level of dedication and innovation that comes out of the Volvo company. From the very beginning in 1927 almost a century ago, Volvo's goal first and foremost has always been safety - every step of the way. And it will continue to stay that way for the next century because our customers and their loved ones deserve long, happy lives and the peace of mind that comes with that.

What are the safest cars to buy in Orange County?
Now that we have established why Volvo is considered the safest automotive manufacturer around, the 2019 XC40 is the safest compact SUV, having been awarded a 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus. The 2019 XC60 is the safest midsize luxury SUV, having been awarded a 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick.

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